IBM 3490-E11 Magnetic Tape Rack Mount Subsystem Model E11


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Product Overview

IBM 3490-E11 Magnetic Tape Rack Mount Subsystem Model E11 via Flagship Tech

Part Number(s): 3490-E11

Model description:

3490-E11 A rack-mount 3490E tape subsystem that includes a seven cartridge Automatic Cartridge Stacker, an integrated 16-bit fast-and-wide SCSI-2 Differential adapter, an integrated control unit, and one 3490E 36-track 1/2-inch cartridge tape drive. It is supported on RS/6000 models that support either the SCSI-2 Differential High-Performance External I/O Controller feature #2420 or the SCSI-2 Differential Fast/Wide Adapter/A feature #2416. It is supported on AS/400 AS/400 9406 systems that support feature #6501. One cartridge magazine is shipped with each unit.

The supported racks include the 7302 racks and 7015 for the RS/6000. On AS/400 systems, the supported racks are:

  • System Racks
  • 9309 Racks
  • 5042 System Unit
  • Expansion Racks
  • 5040 Bus Extension Units

The Model E11 is intended for use on RS/6000 and AS/400 systems that require reliable, high performance tape support for backup restore, archive, and data interchange.

Warranty Information

90-day parts replacement warranty


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