About Us


Our History

If you want to grow, we're the company that makes growth possible. If you want to lead your industry, we're the company that leads you there. If you simply want to get down to business, we're the company that offers you business without boundaries.

When it comes to IT hardware, we understand the frustration in dealing with the OEMs in finding replacement parts for legacy systems. That's where we come in. Flagship Technologies (Flagship Tech) has been providing refurbished servers, storage, networking, upgrades and replacement parts since 1995. Our customers have relied on our technical expertise from designing hardware testing projects to disaster recovery solutions.


Planning a data center expansion but don't want to blow the budget on new equipment? Our refurbished hardware is quality-tested and backed by our 90-day online parts replacement guarantee. And with average savings of up to 75% over purchasing new, you don't have to spend a fortune on extending the life of your older equipment. In addition, Flagship Tech also provide IT hardware leasing options for those short-term projects where purchasing might not be feasible.


When it does come time to dispose of older, obsolete hardware, Flagship Tech can buy back technology gear with remaining value or recommend recycling and scrapping options.


Extensive Future

Our corporate office is in Minneapolis and our opportunities are coming in from all directions. Technologies change every day, and our job is to make them sensible, straightforward and simple for you to use, so that your business can go as far as you want it to go.

Why Flagship Technologies?

  • Unmatched service and minimal investment.

  • Comprehensive experience and certified expertise.

  • Solid reputation and commitment to your investment.

  • Long-term relationships and the ability to grow right along with you.