Cloud Hosting Services

Flagship Managed Solutions (FMS) ...Cloud Hosting Services

We want to introduce you to our Cloud Hosting Services, Flagship Managed Solutions (FMS).

IBM iSeries application hosting provides an alternative to the traditional iSeries ownership costs, management and administration.

Flagship Technologies cloud hosting serives

  • Elimination of high up-front hardware costs and software fees
  • Flexibility for changing infrastructure needs
  • Improve security and disaster recovery capability
  • Reduce administration and operations time
  • Reduce and simplify overall costs
  • Built into a former underground bank vault
  • Redundant cooling
  • Redundant power with battery backup and 7 day diesel generator
  • Direct connection to 3 major fiber loops
  • 24/7 video surveillance and physical security
  • Servers are located at the highly secure Implex Data Center in Minneapolis
  • Connection is via VPN over the internet
  • iSeries Access used at client end
  • Separate Virtual Server for each client
  • New Power6 or Power7 servers
  • Daily backups on separate tapes

FMS Features

  • Sufficient CPW, memory and disk to provide superior performance for existing applications and new applications
  • All required IBM licensed programs
  • Proper user authorization count for each client
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Maintain current PTF and patch levels
  • Performance tuning and monitoring
  • Daily backups on separate tapes for each client
  • Daily or weekly rotation of backups to a separate secure location
  • Prompt resolution of any hardware or IBM software maintenance issues

For more information, contact one of our Flagship Sales Representatives.