Dell PowerEdge R200 Servers

Dell PowerEdge R200 Servers

Dell PowerEdge R200 Servers

Dell PowerEdge R200 ServersThe Dell PowerEdge R200 is a natural refinement to earlier PowerEdge 850 and 860 server models. As a 64-bit general purpose 1U entry-level server, it is rack-dense and simple to use.  The high-performance PCI Express architecture delivers flexibility and investment protection. The PowerEdge R200 has a choice of two risers—one with x4 (x8 connector) and x8 PCIe slots, a second with one x8 PCIe slot and one PCI-X 64/133 slot. Plus, dual embedded Gigabit NICs offer high bandwidth network connectivity, I/O traffic load balancing and failover for performance and
data availability.

The PowerEdge R200 server uses Intel processor technology featuring a 1333MHz front-side bus, 800MHz RAM and support for many CPUs including Intel Xeon quad-core processors.

Additionally, the server supports up to 8GB of ECC DDR2-667/800 memory and is able to support
64-bit applications so that you can easily take advantage of the latest technology developments. It
also supports up to two cabled SATA or SAS hard drives enabling as much as 2.0TB of internal storage
capacity to meet growing data storage demands.
The PowerEdge R200 offers the performance in a small package.


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