Dell R710 Unbuffered ECC UDIMMS

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The R710 has 18 memory sockets split into two sets of nine sockets, and operates on DDR3 Registered ECC RDIMMS or Unbuffered DIMMs.

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Dell PowerEdge R710 Memory DIMMS

Dell Part Number



(per DIMM)

Type Rank Speed Voltage
Unbuffered ECC (UDIMMS)
H92NK 2GB PC3-10600E 1Rx8 1333 MHz 1.5V
J160C 2GB PC3-10600E 2Rx8 1333 MHz 1.5V
DM0KY 2GB PC3L-10600E 1Rx8 1333 MHz 1.35V
F8K1R 2GB PC3L-10600E 2Rx8 1333 MHz 1.35V
H275C 1GB PC3-10600E 1Rx8 1333 MHz 1.5V
FDFM2 1GB PC3L-10600E 1Rx8 1333 MHz 1.35V
F626D 2GB PC3-8500E 2Rx8 1066 MHz 1.5V
FPCJX 2GB PC3L-8500E 2Rx8 1066 MHz 1.35V
G481D 1GB PC3-8500E 1Rx8 1066 MHz 1.5V
F90XF 1GB PC3L-8500E 1Rx8 1066 MHz 1.35V

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