IBM 7028-6C1 eServer pSeries 610

Flagship is a leading reseller of refurbished and custom built IBM 7028-6C1 eServer pSeries 610.

Flagship can custom configure any IBM 7028-6C1 eServer to your needs. Please contact us for more information at 763-516-1300 or 1-800-416-8900

The IBM eServer pSeries 610 Model 6C1 Rack-mount Server gives you tools for managing e-business, greater application flexibility, and innovative technology, all designed to help you capitalize on the e-business revolution.

The Model 6C1 offers:

  • Outstanding value
  • Powerful, symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), e-business server
  • Rack-mount (Model 6C1) configuration
  • Up to two, state-of-the-art, IBM 64-bit POWER3-II processors running at 333, 375 or 450 MHz that exploit unique copper-based technology for high performance and reliable service
  • Performance and capacity needed by demanding e-business applications
  • Up to 8 GB of memory
  • Up to 587.2 GB of internal disk storage
  • Ten bays and five PCI slots for feature expandability
  • Light Path Diagnostics



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