IBM 7042-CR5 HMC

IBM 7042-CR5 HMC

Refurbished IBM 7042-CR5 HMC (Hardware Management Console) for Sale

The Rack-mounted IBM 7042-CR5 HMC (Hardware Management Console) is a dedicated workstation for system and partition control of IBM POWER5 or later processor-based servers.

The HMC is designed to deliver:

  • Access control from both the GUI and command line
  • Logical partitioning (LPAR) control
  • HMC installation, backup, and restore via network interface
  • Remote sharing support for IBM i operating system console sessions through the 5250 Console Proxy
  • Support for automatic installation of AIX and Linux operating systems via the System Planning Tool
  • Remote call-in through a renewable Machine Control Program Remote Support Agreement
  • Round-the-clock error reporting via Electronic Service Agent for fast support
  • Advanced service functions, including guided repair and verify, and concurrent firmware updates for managed systems
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