IBM 8203-E4A Server

IBM 8203-E4A Server

Refurbished IBM 8203-E4A Server for Sale

The IBM 8203 Power Systems 520 supports single- or dual-core POWER6 processors on a single- or dual-chip planar. The processors in this server are 64-bit, with 4 MB of L2 cache per core. In a 4-core configuration, the system can contain up to 64 GB of memory via eight DDR2 memory DIMM slots running at speeds up to 667 MHz. The Power 520 Express contains either six 3.5-inch SAS DASD bays, which can accommodate up to 2700 GB of disk storage, or eight 2.5-inch SAS DASD bays, which can accomodate up to 1174.4 GB of disk storage. All DASD devices are direct dock and hot pluggable. A slim media bay is available for a DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM and a half-high media bay is available for a tape drive.


IBM 8203-E4A 520 Model iSeries Power6 Processors include:
8203-E4A-5633, 4300 CPW, 1-Core, P05, 4.2 GHz Processor
8203-E4A-5634, 4300-8300 CPW, 2-Core, P10, 4.2 GHz Processor
8203-E4A-5635, 4300-15600 CPW, 4-Core, P10, 4.2 GHz Processor
8203-E4A-5577, 9500 CPW, 2-Core, P10, 4.7 GHz Processor
8203-E4A-5587, 18300 CPW, 4-Core, P10, 4.7 GHz Processor


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