IBM TS2250 Tape Drive

IBM TS2250 Tape Drive

The TS2250 tape drive is suited for handling backup, save and restore, and archival data storage needs with higher capacity and higher data transfer rate than previous generations. In addition, IBM LTO Ultrium 5 technology is designed to support media partitioning, and LTFS technology. It also continues to support encryption of data and write-once-read-many (WORM) media.

IBM TS2250 Tape Drive Key Features:

  • Fifth generation of LTO Ultrium technologyIBM TS2250 Tape Drive 3580 H5S 3580-S5E LTO Ultrium 5 tape drive, 6 Gbps SAS interface 3580S5E
  • Hardware encryption available
  • Media partitioning and IBM Spectrum Archive with LTFS
  • Physical storage capacity up to 3.0 TB (2:1 compression)
  • Native data transfer rate of up to 140 MB/s
  • 6 Gbps SAS interface
  • Backward compatibility
  • Half-height form-factor

Available configurations: Model 3580 H5S—One LTO Ultrium 5 tape drive, 6 Gbps SAS interface PN 3580S5E

Tape drive type: IBM LTO Ultrium 5
Physical capacity: 1.5 TB Native; 3.0 TB with 2:1 compression
Number of tape drives: 1
Number of tape cartridges: 1
Data transfer rate: Up to 140 MBps native

Media type:

  • IBM LTO 5 data cartridge
  • IBM LTO cleaning cartridge

Weight: 9.5 lb

Power requirements: 100 – 240 V ac, 50 – 60 Hz autoranging
Dimensions: (W x H x D) 8.39 in. × 2.29 in. × 13.07 in.

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