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Dell PowerEdge M710 CPU Processors & Heatsinks

The Dell PowerEdge M710 blade server will accommodate up to two (2) Intel Xeon processors from the 5500 or 5600 Gainestown or Westmere-EP series, respectively. Built on Intel's newer QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) architecture, these dual-core, quad-core and six-core CPUs have been engineered to take advantage of newer DDR3 memory by minimizing bottlenecks. As a result, the PowerEdge M710 is excellent for use with virtualization and multi-tasking workloads in almost any datacenter.

Selective processors in the Intel Xeon 5500 and 5600 series also support Turbo Mode. Turbo Mode is an OS-controlled operation that automatically allows the processor to run faster than the marked frequency if the processor is operating below power, temperature, and current limits.

Unless otherwise noted, processors and heatsinks have been tested and removed from working servers and are backed by our 90-day parts replacement warranty.

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