Rack Rail Kits & Cable Management Arms

Dell PowerEdge R710 Rack Rail Kits & Cable Management Arms


The rail offerings for the R710 consist of two types: sliding and static. The sliding rails allow the system to be fully extended out of the rack for service and are available with or without the optional cable management arm (CMA).

Sliding rail kits can be used in a threaded-hole rack only if threaded rack adapter brackets are installed. The threaded rack adapter brackets are first mounted to the EIA flanges in the rack, and the sliding rails are mounted into the brackets. The design of the brackets has been optimized to limit the forward shift of the system in the rack to only 17.3 mm. The adapter bracket skit includes six brackets to accommodate different rail lengths, plus four sets of custom screws in common thread sizes.

Depending on the depth of the rack used, it may be necessary to remove the server’s bezel in order to close the door of the rack. A minimum of 58mm is needed between the back surface of the door panel and the front face of the EIA flange for the front door to close with the 11G server bezel installed.

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