Remote Access Controllers (DRAC)

Dell PowerEdge 2900 Remote Access Controllers (DRAC)

Dell PowerEdge 1900 Remote Access Controllers (DRAC)The Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC 5) is a systems management hardware and software solution designed to provide remote management capabilities, crashed system recovery, and power control functions for Dell PowerEdge systems.

By communicating with the systems baseboard management controller (BMC), the DRAC 5 (when installed) can be configured to send you email alerts for warnings or errors related to voltages, temperatures, intrusion, and fan speeds. It can log event data and the most recent crash screen to help you diagnose the probable cause of a system crash. Additionally, it has its own microprocessor and memory and is powered by the system in which it is installed.

All DRAC cards have been tested and validated on Dell systems to ensure they will work with the selected Dell PowerEdge servers. We provide a 90-day parts replacement warranty.

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