System Boards (Motherboards)

Dell PowerEdge R610 System Boards (Motherboards)

Dell PowerEdge R610 System BoardsDell manufactured two generations of the PowerEdge R610 server model and therefore two different revisions of the PowerEdge R610 system board. It is important to understand the differences between the system boards prior to upgrading or replacing system components.

All system boards support either PC3-8500 (1066MHz) or PC3-10600 (1333MHz) DDR3 memory DIMMS. All system boards feature twelve (12) slots; six (6) for each processor and will accommodate up for a maximum of 192GB of RAM.

Generation I system boards (motherboards) support Intel Xeon 5500/5600 series dual and quad-core processors up to 95W. They will NOT work with any of the quad or six-core 130W CPUs in the Intel Xeon X5600 series. Part numbers for generation I system boards include J352H, 86HF8, 3YWXK and XDN97.

Generation II system boards added support for Intel Xeon X5600 series 130W processors. A G1TJH heatsink is required when installing 130W processors to ensure proper heat dissipation. If the front of your PowerEdge R610 has a Roman numeral "II", it likely has a generation II system board. Part numbers for generation II system boards include F0XJ6 and TTXFN.

TipIf you're replacing a generation I system board in your PowerEdge R610, consider upgrading to a generation II. Doing so now will allow you to install faster CPUs in the future, thereby adding more processing power and extending the life of your system.

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