System Boards (Motherboards)

Dell PowerEdge 1955 System Boards (Motherboards)

Dell manufactured two generations of the PowerEdge 1955 blade server model. It is important to understand the differences between the system boards prior to upgrading or replacing system components.

All system boards support either PC2-4200F (533MHz) or PC2-5300F (667MHz) DDR2 fully-buffered, ECC-registered memory DIMMS when installed in matching pairs. All system boards feature eight slots and require memory DIMMS to be installed in matching pairs. Maximum memory allowed is 32GB when dual-ranked (2R) DIMMs are used.

Generation I system boards (motherboards) support Intel Xeon 5000/5100 series dual-core processors with 4M cache only. They will NOT work with any quad-core CPUs like the 5300/5400 series with 8M/12M cache, or the 5200 series dual-cores with 6M cache.

Generation II system boards added support Intel Xeon 5300 series quad-core processors with 8MB cache and are backwards-compatible with the dual-core 4MB cache 5000/5100 series. The Intel Xeon 5400 series processors are not compatible with the PowerEdge 1955. If the front if your PowerEdge 1955 blade chassis has a Roman numeral "II" then you likely have a system board that will support Intel Xeon 5300 series quad-core processors.

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