System Boards (Motherboards)

Dell PowerEdge 1850 System Boards (Motherboards)

hj859d.jpgDell manufactured two generations of the PowerEdge 1850 server model. Designed around the Intel Xeon 604-pin Nocona, Irwindale and Paxville CPUs, it is important to understand the differences between the system boards of each generation prior to upgrading or replacing processors.

In addition, Dell recommends updating to the most current BIOS revision prior to installation. When replacing or upgrading a system board, it is usually best practice to match the existing part number or, in the case of an upgrade, a newer revision.

Generation I system boards support up to two (2) Intel Xeon 64-bit single-core processors only. They will NOT support dual-core CPUs. Example Generation I part numbers for these system boards are W7747 and U9971.

Generation II system boards support all Intel Xeon socket 604, 64-bit single-core processors intended for the PowerEdge 1850 model in addition to the 2.8GHz dual-core Paxville processor with 4MB cache (SL8MA). The front of the system chassis is usually labeled with a Roman numeral "II" in the upper left corner above the LCD display. Example part numbers for generation II system boards are RC130 and HJ859.

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