A6688A HP 9000 750MHz PA8700 CPU for N4000 rp7400


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Save on this A6688A HP 9000 750MHz PA8700 CPU for N4000 rp7400 from your trusted partners at Flagship Technologies. BUY NOW! Or browse our revolving inventory of HP server spare parts online and get the best deals to maintain or upgrade your IT project or data center.

The HP A6688A is a 750MHz PA-8700 RISC processor for E3000 / N4000 servers. It was released in 2000 and was a popular choice for enterprise applications at the time.

The A6688A has the following features:

  • 750MHz clock speed
  • 2.25MB L3 cache
  • 2x 64-bit PA-RISC cores
  • 133MHz system bus
  • 3.3V operating voltage

The A6688A is compatible with the following HP servers:

  • E3000 servers
  • N4000 servers

The A6688A is now over 20 years old and is considered to be legacy hardware. It is no longer supported by HP and it may be difficult to find replacement parts for it.

However, the A6688A is still a powerful processor and can be used for a variety of applications, such as running older operating systems and software, or hosting legacy applications. If you have an HP E3000 or N4000 server with an A6688A processor, you may be able to extend its lifespan by upgrading the memory and storage.

Warranty Information

90-day parts replacement warranty


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