Dell GD356 PowerEdge 2900 Server Front Tower Bezel Faceplate w/Key

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Dell GD356 PowerEdge 2900 Front Tower Bezel Faceplate w/Key

Part Number(s): GD356, KD117

The Dell PowerEdge 2900 tower bezel faceplate has two purposes: security and aesthetics.  With the included key, the removable bezel can be installed and physical access to the server may be limited to authorized personnel.  In addition, the bezel provides a streamlined, asthetic value.  Finally, the LCD display and system lights can still be seen with the bezel installed to confirm the operating state of the server.

This bezel is used and has been removed from a PowerEdge 2900 tower server.  It may only be used with the tower chassis.  It is in good condition and may have light scratches or scuff marks from previous use.  This does not affect its operation.

Warranty Information

90-day parts replacement warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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