Dell PowerEdge 840 Servers

Dell PowerEdge 840 Servers

Refurbished/Used Dell PowerEdge 840 Servers for Sale


The Dell PowerEdge 840 Servers are a legacy entry-level 1-socket tower server and is was recommended by Dell as an affordable, fully-featured server for small to medium-sized businesses, remote offices, and retail locations. It is designed to handle file/print sharing, simple email, POS, and shared internet.


The PowerEdge 840 server can be upgraded to a total of 8GB of RAM and house up to 4 hard drives in removable hot-swap trays and is compatible with SAS or SATA hard drives, allowing the system to potentially hold a total of 4TB of storage. The server offers a variety of ports including a total of 4 USB ports and operates on either Windows Server 2008, Windows Business Server 2003 R2, Windows Storage Svr R2 Wrk x64, or Red Hat Linux Enterprise.

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