Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers

Refurbished Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers for SaleDell PowerEdge tower servers are aimed at smaller organizations that require simplicity and don’t have the need or space for a large datacenter. Dell Tower servers can easily be hidden under a desk, in a closet or a back office where they are out-of-sight. This makes them an excellent choice for point-of-sale (POS) systems, file and print serving and data archiving. In addition, when only one or a few servers are required, PowerEdge tower servers make a good solution since they generally provide easy setup and don’t require a large rack for installation.


A single Dell PowerEdge tower server generally has more expandability than a comparable rack server. For example, Dell tower servers may have more PCIe and memory slots making expansion easier. As an organization grows and data processing needs require a move to rack servers, conversion kits can be purchased for some models to turn a tower server into a rack-mount server.

Flagship Technologies specializes in refurbished Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell PowerEdge replacement spare parts. We have many pre-built servers that have been tested and certified by our Flagship Technologies Technicians for reuse. We can also custom-build servers Dell PowerEdge servers specifically tailored to the needs of your datacenter or project. Click on a model below for more information on servers and parts.

All of Flagship Tech's Dell PowerEdge refurbished hardware is taken from Dell PowerEdge working server systems, in-house tested by Flagship Tech's Technicians, competitively priced and backed by our 90-day parts replacement guarantee.

If you need assistance or have any questions, contact our Dell PowerEdge technical experts at 763-516-1300 or 800-416-8900.

Check back often as we are adding Dell PowerEdge Servers and Dell PowerEdge Spare Parts daily to Flagship Tech's website.

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