Riser Boards

Dell PowerEdge R720 Riser Boards

The Dell PowerEdge R720 server uses three (3) different riser boards featuring PCIe slots for up to seven (7) adapter cards. Certain slots are only available when two (2) CPUs are installed.

  • Riser board #1 features three (3) PCIe G3 x8 half-height, low profile slots. To use these slots, a second CPU must be installed in the machine.
  • Riser board #2 has one (1) PCIe G3 x16 standard height, full length slot and one (1) PCIe G3 x8 standard height, full length slot. A second CPU must be installed to use the x16 slot.
  • Riser board #3 comes in two variations. The standard riser #3 contains two (2) PCIe G3 x8 standard height, full length slots. There is also an optional riser #3 with a single PCIe 2.0 x16 slot intended for configurations with two (2) double-wide GPUs or more than two (2) GPUs.

All riser boards have been tested and pulled from working PowerEdge R720 servers and are backed by our 90-day parts replacement warranty.