Dell PowerEdge T330 EMC Gen13

Dell PowerEdge T330 EMC Gen13

Dell PowerEdge T330 EMC Gen14 ServersSmall or medium business (SMB) or remote office/branch office (ROBO) looking for a powerful and versatile server? Look no further than the Dell PowerEdge T330. This server is a great option, especially if you're starting with your first server or planning an upgrade.

The T330 boasts several advantages over similar models. Compared to the T130, it offers double the internal storage capacity, allowing you to store significantly more data. Additionally, the T330 prioritizes reliability with features like hot-plug hard drives and redundant power supplies. This ensures your system stays operational even if a single component fails, minimizing downtime and potential data loss.

Furthermore, the T330 surpasses the previous-generation T320 in remote management capabilities. It features the Dell Integrated Remote Access Controller (iDRAC8) with Lifecycle Controller, making it significantly easier to manage your server remotely, regardless of your physical location.

With its increased storage, enhanced reliability, and improved manageability features, the Dell PowerEdge T330 is a compelling choice for SMBs and ROBOs seeking a powerful and efficient server solution.

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