Dell PowerVault Direct-Attached Storage (DAS)

Dell PowerVault Direct-Attached Storage (DAS)

Dell PowerVault Direct-Attached Storage Array Enclosures

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Dell's PowerVault Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) solutions add capacity directly to an existing server or cluster of servers without the need for a network interface. This is usually the simplest and most cost-effective way to increase storage space.

Dell’s PowerVault storage arrays have evolved over the years from the older PowerVault 220S SCSI enclosure to the roomier PowerVault MD1000 SAS/SATA array which allows for up to 30TB of storage space.

For two-node clusters or direct connection for up to four servers, the PowerVault MD3000 allows pay-as-you-go expansion options to daisy-chain up to two additional PowerVault MD1000s. More recently, Dell’s Powervault MD1200 and PowerVault MD1220 models saw an increase in throughput with 6GB/s hard drives and controllers.The PowerVault MD3200 allows even more expansion and connects to additional MD1200s or MD1220s.

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