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Dell PowerEdge 1800 Server Hard Drives


The Dell PowerEdge 1800 server holds up to six (6) 3.5" hot-swappable 80-pin SCSI hard drives featuring either 10K or 15K RPM or six (6) cabled SATA drives that operate at 7.2K RPM. SCSI hard drive capacities range from 36GB to 300GB whereas the more spacious SATA drives will go up to 1TB.

Installation of SCSI drives requires a drive cage and backplane as well as a 68-pin cable. Enabling more advanced RAID options requires an add-in SCSI controller or SATA controller for respective hard drives if more than two drives are to be used.

If you are looking to purchase replacement or spare drives for an existing RAID configuration, it is best practice to match the Dell hard drive part number(s) with your current configuration to guarantee compatibility. Certain substitute part numbers will also work.

Need help finding the part number of your hard drive?  See our page Locating Your Dell Part Number.

For assistance with installing hard drives in the Dell PowerEdge 1800 server, see Dell's online instructions.

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