IBM 3590-E1A TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive Model E1A w/o Autoloader


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Product Overview

IBM 3590-E1A TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive Model E1A w/o Autoloader

Part Number: 3590-E1A

Key Features

  • intergrated SCSI-3 controller
  • two ports that support 16-bit fast-and-wide Ultra SCSI differential interface
  • 14MB/second native data rate

The Enterprise Tape System 3590 demonstrates IBM's continued commitment to providing advanced tape solutions to meet the growing demands of the enterprise. The IBM 3590 offers attachment to the iSeries (AS/400), pSeries (RS/6000), xSeries (NUMA-Q), zSeries (S/390), Hewlett Packard HP, Linux, Microsoft Windows NT/2000, and Sun servers. It provides new levels of function, performance, reliability, and cartridge capacity and is an extension to IBM's family of 3480, 3490, and 3490E high performance tape drives. The 3590 utilizes a 16-track serpentine longitudinal recording technique along with improved compaction technology to deliver improvements in capacity and performance. It builds on the proven reliability of the IBM 3490E tape path and is designed for highly reliable start-stop or streaming operation. The tape drive utilizes a cartridge similar in size to the 3480/3490 cartridge and thus is compatible with the Enterprise Tape Library 3494. The 3590 Model E11 and E1A Tape Drives (E Models) provide important enhancements over the Models B11 and B1A (B Models) and are designed to offer:


  • Higher performance - with a 100 MB/second Fibre Channel interface on the tape drive (14 MB/second device data rate)
  • Choice of either Ultra SCSI or Fibre Channel attachment
  • Larger capacity cartridge - 20 GB or 40 GB uncompressed
  • LZ1 compression that provides up to 3:1 capacity improvement
  • Significantly increased reliability, allowing improved operations
  • Reduced overall operations costs
  • A wide range of attachment options


Warranty Information

90-day parts replacement warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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