IBM 7024-E20

Flagship is a leading reseller of refurbished and custom built IBM RS/6000 7024-E20 Server Systems.

Flagship can custom configure any IBM RS/6000 pSeries Server to your needs. Please contact us for more information at 763-516-1300 or 1-800-416-8900

  • Utilizes a 100MHz, or 133MHz or 166MHz by upgrading to the PowerPC 604 or 604e microprocessor.
  • Supports 512 MB ECC memory.
  • It has 512KB L2 cache and a maximum of 27.0GB of internal storage.
  • Allows eight expansion slots and eight media bays.

Flagship Tech buys and sells used and refurbished IBM RS6000 7024 Model E20 models, upgrades and spare parts.

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