IBM 7028-6C4 eServer pSeries 630

Flagship is a leading reseller of refurbished and custom built IBM 7028-6C4 eServer pSeries 630 systems.

Flagship can custom configure any IBM 7028-6C4 pSeries to your needs. Please contact us for more information and pricing at 763-516-1300 or 1-800-416-8900.


The IBM 7028-6C4 eServer pSeries 630 (Model 6C4) is a Rack-mount Server. The Model 6C4 provides the power, capacity, and expandability required for e-business computing. It offers 64-bit scalability via the 64-bit POWER4 or POWER4+ processor packaged as 1-way and 2-way cards. With its two-processor positions, the Model 6C4 can be configured into 1-, 2-or 4-way configurations. The processor cards operate at 1.0 GHz with 32 MB of L3 cache per processor card, or 1.2 and 1.45 GHz with 8 MB of L3 cache per processor. Memory DIMMs are mounted on the CPU card and can contain up to 32 GB of memory.


The Model 6C4 contains six bays. The four front-accessible, hot-swap capable bays can accommodate up to 587.2 GB of disk storage.

7028-6C4 Features:

The Model 6C4 delivers a cost-efficient growth path to the future through such attributes as:

  • 1 GHz POWER4 processors or 1.2 and 1.45 GHz POWER4+ processors
  • Expandability and reliability:
    • System memory expandable from 1 GB to 32 GB
    • Four hot-swap, front-accessible disk bays
    • Four hot-swap 3.3 V PCI-X slots with 1.0 GHz processor systems, Six hot-swap 3.3 V PCI-X slots with 1.45 GHz processor systems.
    • Integrated service processor
    • Support for SCSI, SSA, and Fibre Channel attached storage systems
    • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit applications
    • AIX V5.1 license included
    • Rack-mount (Model 6C4) configuration
  • Conforms to the requirements and/or objectives of NEBS and ETSI



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