Nimble Storage CS500-4F-48T-6400F Dual Controller Array w/ 12x4 TB, 4x 1.6TB SSD

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Product Overview

The Nimble Storage CS500 Dual Controller Array with 12x 4TB HDDs and 4x 1.6TB SSDs, available from Flagship Technologies, offers an attractive blend of capacity, performance, and scalability for your business. The combination of traditional hard drives and solid state drives provides ample storage for your data while ensuring fast loading times and application responsiveness. With its ability to grow alongside your data needs and user-friendly management tools, this storage solution can streamline your operations and enhance user experience. If you're looking for a reliable and versatile storage solution from a knowledgeable vendor, the Nimble CS500 from Flagship Technologies is definitely worth considering.

High-Performance Hybrid Storage for Your Business Needs

The Nimble Storage CS500 is a powerful hybrid storage array that combines the capacity of traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) with the lightning-fast performance of solid state drives (SSDs) to deliver a balanced and cost-effective storage solution for your organization.

  • Dual controllers ensure redundancy and failover protection, minimizing downtime and keeping your critical data accessible.
  • Massive capacity of 48TB (12x4TB HDDs) provides ample space for storing your data.
  • Increased performance with 6.4TB of usable SSD capacity (4x1.6TB SSDs) accelerates application loading times and improves data access speeds.

Ideal for Various Workloads

The Nimble Storage CS500 is perfect for organizations that require:

  • A balance between affordability, performance, and storage capacity
  • Data center consolidation to streamline storage infrastructure
  • Improved application responsiveness for better user experience
  • Simplified data management to reduce administrative overhead

Flexible and Easy to Use

The Nimble Storage CS500 offers a flexible design that allows you to scale up your storage capacity as your business grows. With its intuitive and easy-to-use management tools, you can effortlessly provision storage, monitor performance, and optimize resource allocation.

In summary, the Nimble Storage CS500 Dual Controller Array is a versatile storage solution that delivers exceptional performance, scalability, and manageability for businesses of all sizes.

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