RAID Controllers & Batteries

Dell Powervault MD1120 RAID Controllers & Batteries

The PowerVault MD1120 direct-attached storage leverages an external PERC RAID controller with the best available in-class PCI Express interface, offering excellent enterprise-level performance. The configuration of the PERC RAID controller enables the software to recognize the entire array as a single unit, regardless of how many disks you have activated for storage in the array, helping to increase reliability and fault tolerance. The PERC 6/E offers:

  • Redundant connections offering failover protection, static load balancing and performance improvement over non-redundant path systems.

  • Enclosure firmware and hard disk drive firmware updated to be done while the system is online, reducing the impact to critical storage systems and enabling “on the fly” updates.

  • Advanced import enables administrators to import, or migrate, disk arrays created by a different PERC controller while the server remains online. The controllers can even import partial, or degraded, arrays and provide array preview capabilities before import to further enhance data serviceability.

  • Support for RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60.

Dell PowerVault external RAID storage is engineered to work optimally with Dell PowerEdge servers. Dell OpenManage Storage Manager Software can manage both the external array and internal storage within the server itself. Streamlining storage management through a single, common interface helps reduce resource load on the system, and is easier to navigate for the user as well.

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