RAID Controllers & Batteries

Dell PowerVault MD1000 RAID Controllers & Batteries

The Dell PowerVault MD1000 storage array can be connected directly to a RAID controller on a host server or daisy-chained off an MD3000 enclosure in a clustered network. The RAID controller maintains hard drive volumes on the attached server.

PERC 5/E SAS RAID controllers have 256MB of dedicated battery-backed write cache and offer RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, and 50 options.

PERC 6/E SAS RAID controllers feature either 256MB or 512MB of dedicated battery-backed write cache and add support for RAID 6 and 60.

The PowerVault MD1000 is connected to a RAID controller in a host server or an MD3000 by way of mini-SAS cables.

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