Raid Controllers & Riser Boards

Dell PowerEdge 2800 RAID Controllers & Riser Boards

The Dell PowerEdge 2800 server features an integrated, PERC 4e/Di ROMB dual channel LSI53C1030 SCSI controller built into the riser board on a dedicated chip. The internal controller supports up to six (6) 80-pin SCSI hard drives on the SCSI backplane. The SCSI backplane automatically configures SCSI ID numbers and SCSI termination, greatly simplifying drive installation.

The internal RAID controller requires a key, a 256MB memory DIMM and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to activate it. The key plugs into the system board between the main memory slots and the housing for the power supplies. The battery and 256MB memory DIMM plug directly into the riser board. These components are sold together in a kit (H1813-KIT) for replacement parts.

The riser is features two (2) PCI Express slots (1x4 lane, 1x8 lane), four (4) PCI-X slots (64-bit/100MHz) and one (1) PCI slot.

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