3.5" SAS Hard Drives & Trays

Dell PowerEdge 2950 3.5" SAS Hard Drives

Dell PowerEdge R900 3.5The Dell PowerEdge 2950 server has a broader range of hard drive options than previous generations. The large form factor (LFF) chassis will accommodate up to six (6) 3.5" SAS hard drives. Be sure to choose the correct physical size, capacity and speed for your machine.

All hard drives below are Dell OEM certified and shipped mounted in trays for the PowerEdge 2950. Unless otherwise noted, they have been pulled from working servers and carry our 90-day parts replacement warranty.

Only healthy disks are approved for resale to our customers. All hard drives are cleaned, fully tested and vetted for surface defects and wear. Hard drives are formatted and wiped of any previous data via the latest DOD standards. We do NOT disassemble, modify or replace individual components of hard disks as part of our refurbishing process.

Click a Dell SKU below for more information, pricing and availability. Be sure to choose the correct size, capacity and speed for your machine.

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 3.5" SAS Hard Drives 3Gb/s

These hard drives are mounted in trays for the PowerEdge 2950.

Click on the Dell SKU for more information and how to purchase.

Dell SKU Capacity RPM Speed OEM OEM Model
G8763 73GB 10K 3Gb/s Maxtor 8D073S0
GM250 73GB 10K 3Gb/s Seagate ST373355SS
HY937 73GB 10K 3Gb/s Seagate  
FP548 73GB 15K 3Gb/s Seagate ST373454SS
GY581 73GB 15K 3Gb/s Seagate ST373455SS
H8799 73GB 15K 3Gb/s Fujitsu MAX3073RC
M8032 73GB 15K 3Gb/s Maxtor 8E073S0047555
MM406 73GB 15K 3Gb/s Hitachi HUS153073VLS300
WR767 73GB 15K 3Gb/s Hitachi HUS151473VLS300
 146GB SAS
DR238 146GB 10K 3Gb/s Hitachi HUC103030CSS600
M8033 146GB 10K 3Gb/s Seagate  ST9300603SS
WR711 146GB 10K 3Gb/s Fujitsu MBD2300RC
GP879 146GB 10K 3Gb/s Seagate ST3146755SS
DY635 146GB 15K 3Gb/s Seagate ST3146854SS
G8764 146GB 15K 3Gb/s Maxtor 8K147S0088456
GX198 146GB 15K 3Gb/s Hitachi HUS153014VLS300
M8034 146GB 15K 3Gb/s Fujitsu MAX3147RC
RY491 146GB 15K 3Gb/s Seagate ST3146855SS
UM902 146GB 15K 3Gb/s Toshiba MBF2300RC
XK111 146GB 15K 3Gb/s Hitachi HUC103030CSS600
XX518 146GB 15K 3Gb/s Hitachi HUC106030CSS600
 300GB SAS
FW956 300GB 10K 3Gb/s Seagate ST3300555SS
G8774 300GB 10K 3Gb/s Maxtor 8J300S0 
GM251 300GB 15K 3Gb/s Seagate ST3300655SS
H704F 300GB 15K 3Gb/s Hitachi HUS154530VLS300
HR200 300GB 15K 3Gb/s Hitachi HUS153030VLS300
MM501 300GB 15K 3Gb/s Fujitsu MBA3300RC
YP778 300GB 15K 3Gb/s Seagate ST3300656SS
 400-450GB SAS
GY583 400GB 10K 3Gb/s Seagate ST3400755SS
FM501 450GB 15K 3Gb/s Seagate ST3450856SS
XX517 450GB 15K 3Gb/s Hitachi HUS154545VLS300
 600GB SAS
600GB SAS hard drives are rated at 6Gb/s but are backwards-compatible with the PowerEdge 2950. They are sold with newer style trays. Older trays for the PowerEdge 2950 must be purchased separately.
R752K 600GB 10K 6Gb/s Seagate ST3600002SS
J762N 600GB 15K 6Gb/s Seagate ST3600057SS
T873K 600GB 15K 6Gb/s Seagate ST3600957SS
W348K 600GB 15K 6Gb/s Hitachi HUS156060VLS600
CP464 1TB 7.2K 3Gb/s Seagate ST31000640SS
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