Dell PowerEdge CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive SATA 5.25" GCC-H30N GW409

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Product Overview

Dell PowerEdge CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive SATA 5.25"



Part Number(s): GW409



Model: GCC-H30N



Tested and pulled from a working PowerEdge server.


No cables are included.

General Features

Black bezel
2 MB buffer
24x CD-R write speed
10x CD-RW re-write speed
8x DVD-ROM read speed
24x CD-ROM read speed
Automatic buffer underrun error protection technology
3.6 Mbps average data transfer rate
110 ms CD-ROM average access time
120 ms DVD-ROM average access time

Front Panel Features

LED activity indicator
Eject/Load button
Emergency eject hole

Rear Panel Features

SATA interface

Writing Formats

DAO (Disc at once)
TAO (Track at once)
SAO (Session at once)
Packet Writing (Variable, Fixed Packet)


Compatible Systems


Dell PowerEdge 1900

Dell PowerEdge 2900

Dell PowerEdge T300

Dell PowerEdge T310

Dell PowerEdge T410

Dell PowerEdge T610

Dell PowerEdge T710

*This DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive can be used in a variety of Dell servers and desktop machines as long as you have the correct cable/tray/backplane/etc for that model. Check with the manufacturer of your product to determine any additional components you may need.

Warranty Information

90-day parts replacement warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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