IBM 7216-1U2 Multimedia Enclosure 1U


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Product Overview

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IBM Part Number(s): 7216-1U2

The IBM System Storage 7216 Multi-Media Enclosure (Model 1U2) is designed to attach to specific IBM POWER6, POWER7 and IBM PS703 and IBM PS704 BladeCenter models through a Serial Attach SCSI (SAS) adapter, or through a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port or an internal USB adapter on the server.

The IBM System Storage 7216 Multi-Media Enclosure is an excellent choice for environments where:

  •     The availability of internal server bays for storage devices is limited or no drive bays are available in the server
  •     It is important to consolidate storage devices in a single, convenient location to minimize space and cabling impacts
  •     There is a need for the versatility of tape, DVD-RAM, and removable disk drives with either SAS and USB interface electronics
  •     19-inch rack space is limited

The two bays of the 7216 can accommodate the following media devices:

  •     DAT160 80 GB SAS Tape Drive -- Up to two drives
  •     DAT160 80 GB USB Tape Drive -- Up to two drives
  •     Half-high LTO Ultrium 5 1.5 TB SAS Tape Drive -- Up to two drives
  •     DVD-RAM SAS Optical Drive -- Up to four drives
  •     RDX Removable USB Disk Drives -- Up to two drives

There are two ways to attach the 7216 offering to IBM POWER Server or BladeCenter ports.

  •     Each drive feature may be attached individually to an external SAS or USB (internal or external) port on the server.
  •     With the Quad External SAS Cable (Feature number 5544), up to four SAS tape or DVD-RAM drive devices may be attached to a single SAS Host Bus Adapter.

Note: IBM PS703 and IBM PS704 BladeCenters do not support the Quad Cable.

Warranty Information

90-day parts replacement warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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