IBM POWER Systems / pSeries

IBM POWER8 Systems

8247-21L (IBM Power System S812L)

8247-22L (IBM Power System S822L)

8284-22A (IBM Power System S822)

8286-41A (IBM Power System S814)

8286-42A (IBM Power System S824)





9119-MHE (IBM Power System 880)

9119-MME (IBM Power System 870)

IBM Elastic Storage Server

IBM PureData System for Operational Analytics A1801

IBM PurePower System


IBM POWER7 Systems

8202-E4B (IBM Power 720 Express)

8202-E4C (IBM Power 720 Express)

8202-E4D (IBM Power 720 Express)

8205-E6B (IBM Power 740 Express)

8205-E6C (IBM Power 740 Express)

8205-E6D (IBM Power 740 Express)

8231-E2B (IBM Power 710/730 Express)

8231-E1C (IBM Power 710 Express)

8231-E1D (IBM Power 710 Express)

8268-E1D (IBM Power 710 Express)

8231-E2C (IBM Power 730 Express)

8231-E2D (IBM Power 730 Express)

8233-E8B (IBM Power 750 Express)

8236-E8C (IBM Power 755)

8246-L1C (IBM PowerLinux 7R1)

8246-L1D (IBM PowerLinux 7R1)

8246-L1S (IBM PowerLinux 7R1)

8246-L1T (IBM PowerLinux 7R1)

8246-L2C (IBM PowerLinux 7R2)

8246-L2D (IBM PowerLinux 7R2)

8246-L2S (IBM PowerLinux 7R2)

8408-E8D (IBM Power 750)

9109-RMD (IBM Power 760)

9117-MMB (IBM Power 770)

9117-MMC (IBM Power 770)

9117-MMD (IBM Power 770)

9119-FHB (IBM Power 795)

9125-F2C (IBM Power 775 Supercomputer)

9179-MHB (IBM Power 780)

9179-MHC (IBM Power 780)

9179-MHD (IBM Power 780)

7874-024, 7874-040, 7874-120, 7874-240

Enclosures and expansion units

IBM POWER6 systems

8203-E4A (IBM Power 520 Express)

8261-E4S (IBM Smart Cube)

9407-M15 (IBM Power 520 Express)

9408-M25 (IBM Power 520 Express)

8204-E8A (IBM Power 550 Express)

9409-M50 (IBM Power 550 Express)

8234-EMA (IBM Power 560 Express)

9117-MMA (IBM Power 570)

9125-F2A (IBM Power 575)

9119-FHA (IBM Power 595)

7874-024, 7874-040, 7874-120, 7874-240

Enclosures and expansion units

IBM System p information

IBM System p, IBM System p5, IBM eServer p5, pSeries, and RS/6000 systems


Hardware Management Console information

HMC v7

HMC v6 and v5

HMC v4 (Model 7315)

IBM Systems Director Management Console information

POWER solutions information

IBM Smart Analytics System

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