Oracle T7-1 Server 4.133Ghz 32-Core 512GB 4x 600GB

Sun Microsystems

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Product Overview

Save on this Oracle T7-1 Server 4.133Ghz 32-Core 512GB 4x 600GB from your trusted partners at Flagship Technologies. BUY NOW! Or browse our revolving inventory of Oracle Sun Microsystems servers online and get the best deals to maintain or upgrade your IT project or data center.

The Oracle T7-1 Server is a single-processor server that is based on the SPARC M7 processor. It is a powerful and reliable server that is designed for enterprise workloads, such as databases, applications, Java, and middleware.

The T7-1 Server features a number of advanced technologies, including:

  • Software in Silicon: This technology allows Oracle to optimize the hardware and software for specific workloads, resulting in better performance and efficiency.
  • Oracle Secure Memory: This technology protects data in memory from unauthorized access and modification.
  • In-Memory Query Acceleration: This technology accelerates database queries by processing them in memory, which is much faster than processing them on disk.
  • Data Compression and Decompression: This technology compresses and decompresses data in real time, which can save disk space and improve performance.
  • Encryption: This technology encrypts data at rest and in transit, which helps to protect it from unauthorized access.

The T7-1 Server is an ideal choice for businesses that need a powerful and reliable server for their enterprise workloads. It is also a good choice for businesses that are looking to improve the performance and security of their IT infrastructure. You can find the Oracle T7-1 server at Flagship Technologies.

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