3.5" SCSI Hard Drives & Trays

3.5" SCSI Hard Drives & Trays

Dell PowerEdge 1800 SCSI Hard Drives

The Dell PowerEdge 1800 server holds up to six (6) 3.5" hot-swappable 80-pin SCSI hard drives featuring speeds of either 10K or 15K RPM. SCSI hard drive capacities range from 36GB up to 300GB.

Installation of SCSI drives requires a drive cage and backplane as well as a 68-pin cable to connect to the system board. Enabling more advanced RAID options requires an add-in SCSI controller if more than two (2) drives are to be used.

If you are looking to purchase replacement or spare drives for an existing RAID configuration, it is best practice to match the Dell OEM hard drive part number(s) with your current system to guarantee compatibility.

Unless otherwise noted, all hard drives are genuine Dell OEM, tested and pulled from working servers. Each is shipped mounted in a tray for the Dell PowerEdge 1800 server. Hard drives are wiped of all previous data and are backed by our 90-day parts replacement warranty.

 3.5" U320 SCSI Hard Drives
Dell SKU Capacity RPM Speed OEM OEM Model
3R685 36GB 10K U320 Fujitsu MAP3367NC
4R040 36GB 10K U320 Hitachi DK32EJ-36NC
5W925 36GB 10K U320 Maxtor 8B036J0
1R179 36GB 10K U320 Seagate ST336607LC
9X924 36GB 15K U320 Maxtor 8C036J0
C3690 36GB 15K U320 Seagate ST336753LC
C5744 36GB 15K U320 Fujitsu MAU3036NC
D5958 36GB 15K U320 Seagate ST336754LC
F5431 36GB 15K U320 Hitachi HUS151436VL3
FC272 36GB 15K U320 Maxtor 8E036J0
J4449 36GB 15K U320 Fujitsu MAS3367NC
XJ652 36GB 15K U320 Maxtor 8K036J0
0R512 73GB 10K U320 Seagate ST373307LC
1M931 73GB 10K U320 Maxtor KU73J461
2R700 73GB 10K U320 Fujitsu MAP3735NC
8W570 73GB 10K U320 Maxtor 8B073J0
9T597 73GB 10K U320 Hitachi IC35L073UCDY10
CC315 73GB 10K U320 Maxtor 8D073J0
C5609 73GB 10K U320 Seagate ST373207LC
FC959 73GB 10K U320 Fujitsu MAW3073NC
GD084 73GB 10K U320 Maxtor 8J073J0
K3401 73GB 10K U320 Seagate ST373307LC
N4332 73GB 10K U320 Hitachi IC35L073UCDY10
9X925 73GB 15K U320 Maxtor 8C073J0
CC319 73GB 15K U320 Maxtor 8E073J0
C5690 73GB 15K U320 Seagate ST373454LC
DC961 73GB 15K U320 Fujitsu MAX3073NC
DP283 73GB 15K U320 Fujitsu MBA3073NC
FD458 73GB 15K U320 Maxtor 8K073J0
K4405 73GB 15K U320 Fujitsu MAS3735NC
M0916 73GB 15K U320 Seagate ST373453LC
Y4740 73GB 15K U320 Fujitsu MAU3073NC
YJ428 73GB 15K U320 Maxtor 8K073J0
YK582 73GB 15K U320 Seagate ST373455LC
7W584 146GB 10K U320 Maxtor 8B146J0
F3005 146GB 10K U320 Seagate ST3146807LC
FC271 146GB 10K U320 Maxtor 8D147J0
GC826 146GB 10K U320 Fujitsu MAW3147NC
GC828 146GB 10K U320 Seagate ST3146707LC
K4402 146GB 10K U320 Fujitsu MAP3147NC
U3987 146GB 10K U320 Maxtor 8B146J0
Y4721 146GB 10K U320 Fujitsu MAT3147NC
YC952 146GB 10K U320 Maxtor 8J147J0
DC959 146GB 15K U320 Seagate ST3146854LC
FC958 146GB 15K U320 Fujitsu MAX3147NC
GD088 146GB 15K U320 Maxtor 8K147J0
CC317 300GB 10K U320 Maxtor 8D300J0
CD808 300GB 10K U320 Maxtor 8J300J0
D5796 300GB 10K U320 Seagate ST3300007LC
HC490 300GB 10K U320 Fujitsu MAX3300NC
HY940 300GB 15K U320 Seagate ST3300655LC
JU654 300GB 15K U320 Fujitsu MBA3300NC
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