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Dell PowerEdge 1800 Processors & Heatsinks

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The Dell PowerEdge 1800 server will accept up to two (2) single-core Intel Xeon socket 604 CPUs from the Nocona or Irwindale series. The former offers 1MB L2 cache while the latter features 2MB. The front-side bus speed of the system board is 800MHz. Dell recommends updating to the most current BIOS revision prior to installation. When adding a second processor to a system, make sure to select an identical CPU with matching spec code (e.g. SL7PD, SL8P4, etc). The spec code is engraved on the CPU itself.

For assistance with processor installation, please see Dell's documentation.

Unless otherwise noted, all processors have been tested and removed from working servers. Our CPUs and heatsinks are backed by our 90-day parts replacement warranty.

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